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Marketing resource management (MRM)

Marketing resource management (MRM) provides the technical infrastructure to support marketing operations management. Marketing resource management is the alignment of people, process and technology to support marketing activities and improve marketing effectiveness. MRM generally refers to technology for the areas of planning, design and production.

Marketing resource management (MRM) manage all marketing resources more efficiently and effectively from defining strategy, to orchestrating complex marketing planning functions, to managing digital assets and beyond. MRM helps to simplify operations, Manage workflows, and Track performance and stay in lock step with every interaction along the customer journey.

Marketing resource management (MRM) provides separate access for administration level personnel and employee level personnel.

Features of Marketing resource management (MRM) include:

  • A user-friendly administrative interface.
  • Online application software that enforces input in a valid format for retrieval of relevant data.
  • Passenger’s status tracking.
  • Report generation.

Other Key Features:

  • Robust Search Capabilities with our “keyword” search
  • Track passenger’s travel requirements status
  • Passenger’s status tracking.
  • Dynamic Scalability.