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Leave Management System

Easy and Simple Leave Management System Ready to Use .
To succeed as an organization, having a reliable leave management system is important. Leave management System (LMS) basically works in related leave functionality like fill leave application form, approve or cancellation of leave, view leave details etc.

Web based Leave Application have main ten modules as given below::
  • Leave request
  • Leave approval
  • View approval
  • Rejected Leave
  • Leave withdraw
  • Leave Reports

Features :
  • User Access Manger
  • Eligible Leaves
  • Leave history
  • Apply for leave
  • Current leave applications that are submitted to Admin for approval or cancellation
  • Cancel his/her leave (which has been already approved)
  • A calendar giving the public holidays of the organization should be available on the system

  • Easy to use
  • Quick to implement
  • Forecast cost estimates accurately
  • Increase overall productivity
  • Manager administration and improve company efficiency
  • Easy Database backup and restore
  • Easy and fully customized Reports
  • Report data can be exported to file in many file formats including Microsoft Excel, XML, HTML, text and more.

Used Tools & Software
  • PHP
  • MYSQL Database

Target Organizations:



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