Pharmacy Management Software in Bangladesh

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Best Hospital Management System in Bangladesh
December 26, 2016
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January 10, 2021
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Pharmacy Management Software in Bangladesh

Best Pharmacy Management Software in Bangladesh

Pharmacy management software module deals with the automation of general workflow and administration management process of a pharmacy. It caters to the retail outpatient pharmacy, general walk in pharmacy and Inpatient pharmacies.

Our Key Strength in Pharmacy 

  • Promoters of the Company having Domain Knowledge & Expertise in pharmicy covering Study & Analysis, Software design and development, Training & Implementation with indigenous Software
  • Vast Practical Experience in Computerization of Private and Govt. hospitalsPharmacy Management Software
  • Highly skilled Software Team under the constant guidance of pharmicy Experts
  • Satisfied Clients with Repeat Orders
  • Product Platform adhering to latest Technology
  • Design & architecture support 100 % Software uptime & Performance for mission Critical 24 hours non-stop working.
  • Remote access Software maintenance services support for Trouble Shooting

Prime Objective

  • The main focus of our Company is to adapt the tools in latest technology for the specific requirements of users in healthcare and making available a proven standard solution at affordable cost for better & efficient management & cost control to service providers in healthcare.
  • To introduce state-of-the-art Computerized Film-less and Paperless Pharmicy management & Information System with Web enabled Clinical work Flow.
  • Centralized Database Storage Management System

Special Features

  • Single Window service to Patients for billing & CollectionPharmacy Management Software
  • Site implementation & fine tuning of Software for Procedures
  • Facilities Controlled by User-definable Parameters
  • Multiple Tariff Lists with very flexible option for Rate Revision
  • Packages for the OPD and IPD Patients
  • Powerful Search Engine for locating any type of information related to Patient.

Benefits Offered

  • Customized Solution with Total Support for smooth running by Pharmicy & Software Specialists with over a Decade Experience in Health Care I.T
  • Eliminates Redundant Paper work & maintenance of Records
  • Builds Efficiency & Productivity with better Work Flow management
  • Simple to learn & Operate by non-Computer background Users
  • Facilitates generation of accurate billing & revenue control
  • Centralized Database Management storage
  • Maintains records accurately with relevant details


Features Details of some Module of Pharmacy :

  1. Company Entry
  2. Product wise company define
  3. Company wise requisition Raise
  4. Spot purchase requisition
  5. Requisition approvalPharmacy Management Software
  6. Requisition cancel
  7. Requisition Edit
  8. Company wise medicine receive
  9. Medicine receive return
  10. Sales invoice to patient
  11. Medicine return
  12. Stock entry
  13. Stock adjustment
  14. User panel setup
  15. Date wise bill for patient
  16. View all bill
  17. Stock list
  18. Daily stock list
  19. Daily sales
  20. Daily purchase
  21. Company wise daily purchase
  22. Patient wise medicine billing
  23. Patient wise medicine summary
  24. Date wise medicine sale summary
  25. Date wise medicine return summary
  26. Date wise medicine sales & returns
  27. Date wise medicine return details
  28. Date & patient wise medicine

Last word

We determined to give you best service for and support as you required.

For more detail please contact Us.

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